"Of my entire two years of working seasonal, hands down best food" -Gail Miller

Staff dormitories and the staff dining room are located on the Signal Mountain Lodge property. They are located within a short walk from each other and are within walking distance from all of the various departments and work areas. We also have a limited number of trailer spaces available. All staff eat and live here on the property. We have modern, high quality dormitories; however, closet and open space is limited. Therefore, it is important to plan wardrobe and personal possessions carefully and efficiently. Normally, you will share a dorm room and private bathroom with one other person, although the opportunity to room with two other people at a reduced housing rate may be available. Our facilities and staff housing are located 6800 ft above sea level and 35 miles from the nearest town. Because of our dormitory style remoteness, we have fewer of the conveniences than you may be accustomed to. However part of the pleasure of working in a national park is the simpler lifestyle and natural surroundings. Staff are expected to maintain the condition of their room and leave it clean upon departure  Linens and bedding are also available, if desired. Laundry facilities are provided free of charge. All staff housing areas except for the trailer sites at Lizard Creek Campground are equipped with wi-fi for staff use.  WE DO NOT ALLOW PETS.

The Skillet Employee Dining Room serves three hot meals per day and offers snacks and beverages in between mealtimes. Sack lunches are available for off-property adventures at no extra cost, and there is a refrigerator and microwave for leftovers.


2 persons per room: $91.00 per person , per week (includes 3 meals/day + snacks)

3 persons per room**: $63.00 per person , per week (includes 3 meals/day + snacks)

Trailer Spaces: $63.00 per person , per week (includes 3 meals/day + snacks)

** Room and board is taken as a payroll deduction every two weeks, but is pro-rated by the day. Therefore, the "triple rate" of $63.00 per person per week will be adjusted to the full rate of $90.00 per week if for any reason the number of roommates is reduced to fewer than three. Conversely, the triple rate will be applied as soon as a third roommate moves in, rather than at the start of the next pay week. 


Signal Mountain Lodge insists on a few rules and regulations in staff housing. Before deciding to apply, please read these and understand them. They will be strictly enforced. 

1. Possession of firearms of any kind is prohibited.

2. Possession of illegal drugs is prohibited. 

3. We have quiet hours in our dormitory from 10 PM until 7 AM. We simply ask that you respect your fellow employees’ right to get a good night’s sleep. 

4. Non-employees are not allowed in housing areas unless registered with the management and accompanied by the employee that they are visiting. Overnight guests are not permitted in the housing area unless they have the approval of the general manager and/or the dorm supervisor.

5. Underage drinking is prohibited and will not be tolerated. The legal age to consume alcoholic beverages in Wyoming is 21 years of age.